A distended stomach not only makes you insecure, but also has a high health risk. Various health problems can attack you, maybe not in the near future but some time in the future it will definitely start to appear. Distended stomach can be removed slowly with exercise to shrink the stomach or stop the cause.

Plank is one of the sports to shrink the stomach.

Causes of a Distended Stomach You Need to Know Before this discussion goes any further, you must first know the cause of why the stomach becomes distended. Accumulation of fat in the abdomen is often the case when you get older. This is because the body has experienced a slow metabolism. In addition, a distended stomach can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

  1. Lack of sleep As a boarding house child, he often stays up late especially when the task is mounting. Reporting from Medical News Today published on Kompas.com, sleep is very important for the overall health of the body. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine also shows that belly fat has something to do with belly fat.

For that, if you experience weight gain or a distended stomach, then you should reduce your habit of staying up late. Staying up late will also generally make someone snack or eat in the middle of the night. Try to change it by sleeping 8 hours every day. So that your distended stomach does not get distended and weight gain.

  1. Excessive sugar consumption If you are wondering why your stomach is distended, it could be because you like to eat sweet foods. Consumption of excessive sugar will make your stomach bloated without you knowing it. Some may deny, that they do not consume sugary drinks too often. Though this excessive sugar is not only obtained from sweet drinks.

Cakes, bread, corn syrup, to foods that have preservatives also have a high sugar content. In a day should, each person consumes sugar as much as 10% of all total energy consumed or equivalent to 200 kcal. This amount can be measured 4 tablespoons of sugar in a day. Excess sugar makes the stomach distended due to increased fat burning.

  1. Eat Fast Are you one of those people who eat fast? If so, then this habit should be abandoned. Eating too long is not good for health, and eating too fast is also the same. Humans need about 20 minutes to feel full. So at least you have to give the minimum time for the body to respond.

This habit of eating faster will make you eat more food. That way the risk for fat accumulation in the stomach will also increase. For that, you should eat slowly and at the ideal time. The ideal portion and chewing slowly is the solution you can do.

  1. Stress Stress or depression is also the cause of the next distended stomach. This can happen to both men and women with the same amount of risk. When a person experiences stress, they will generally consume more food. In addition, consumption of sweet foods is also more frequent because it is considered to relieve stress.

Not only changing eating habits, the hormone cortisol or also known as the stress hormone will also increase the amount of fat in the body. This condition causes the size of fat cells to become wider. It’s good, for you to start knowing how to manage stress and restrain your increased appetite.

  1. Less Move Before heading to the discussion of exercises to shrink the stomach, you should know that a distended stomach can also occur because you are not moving enough. Especially if you are lazy or lazy to move, it is certain that a distended stomach will haunt you. Not to mention the risk of weight gain that can happen to you at any time.

The habit of lazy, lying down a lot and sitting for too long then not exercising regularly, then the fat in the stomach will accumulate. You don’t need to do strenuous exercise to overcome a distended stomach. There have been many simple abdominal shrinking exercises that you can even do at home or in a boarding house.

After knowing the cause of a distended stomach, you also have to know how to naturally shrink your stomach. Remembering to make the stomach back flat, not only can be done with exercise alone. But there are also some things that you need to apply so that the distended stomach disappears immediately. Check out the following method.

  1. Get used to breakfast Are you one of those people who often skip breakfast? If so, then you have to start getting used to breakfast so that your stomach is no longer distended. Breakfast is proven to be effective for maintaining your weight. It also keeps you from consuming too many calories. Generally those who do not eat breakfast will eat more during the day.

This will actually make the stomach distended because it accumulates a lot of fat. Breakfast doesn’t have to be heavy food, you can make a breakfast menu that is easy to make at the boarding house. Make sure the food consumed is nutritious foods such as fruit or vegetables. How to shrink the stomach naturally this one is fairly effective and able to keep the body ideal.

  1. Drink Lots of Water You should also consume more water than flavored water. In a day, you should consume 2 liters of water to keep the body hydrated. In addition, you will also feel full because of water. Water will also help to remove toxins in the body.

  2. Pay attention to the food consumed By adopting a healthy lifestyle and also exercise to shrink the stomach, it is guaranteed that you can shrink the stomach faster. And in the process, make sure if you really pay attention to every food that enters your body. Intake of protein, carbohydrates to fiber must be really balanced.

You can also consume certain foods, such as consuming more fatty fish, apple cider vinegar or even drinking green tea. Not only that, this must also be balanced with not consuming a lot of foods containing trans oils or foods high in sugar. This method of shrinking the stomach has proven to be effective and is widely practiced.

  1. Sports Tips to shrink a distended stomach that you also have to do is exercise. Like it or not, like it or not, you have to do it if you want your body to burn more calories. Exercise has many benefits for your body, not just for a distended stomach. You will also find it easier to manage stress and other benefits.

  2. Plank The exercise to shrink the stomach before going to bed that you can do is plank. This fairly simple movement will make the fat in the stomach burned so that it becomes muscle. You also don’t need a lot of tools or space to try this move. You only need an exercise mat to do this movement.

There are several steps that you need to pay attention to to try this move properly. first, please position your body face down like a push up position on the mat. Then lift the body up with the body resting on the toes and arms. You should also tighten the inner thighs and buttocks.

If you have, you also have to position the center part inward. Lift your knees and keep your back straight and flat. Try to keep your head relaxed and facing the mat. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, then pause and repeat for several sessions.

  1. Lying Leg Raise The next move you can try is the Lying Leg raise. This one exercise is one of the most challenging movements for you to do. You just need to lie on your back on the mat. Both hands are on the right and left side. Raise your legs until they form 90 degrees, making sure your knees don’t bend. Hold for a while and repeat.

  2. Sit Ups Sit Ups are a simple stomach shrinking movement and are worth a try. This basic exercise focuses on the stomach so that it will build muscle in the stomach. The heavy work of the abdominal muscles will trigger reduced belly fat. In addition, sit ups will also improve a person’s performance as well as balance body posture.

The method is not difficult, just lie on your back on your mat. After that bend your knees with both feet on the floor. If you have, please cross your arms in front of your chest or behind your head. Lift your shoulders high using your abdominal muscles, it is very important that you lift your back off the floor. Do several sessions and regularly.

  1. Bicycle Crunches If you want a movement that is quite challenging, Bicycle crunches can be done. The exercise to shrink the stomach in 7 days is similar to pedaling a bicycle. It’s just done while on your back and swinging both legs in the air. The first step to doing this can be lying on your back on a mat.

After that you can put both hands to support the head. Adjust the position of the coconut curled forward and not sticking to the mat. Position your feet up at a 45-degree angle. Rotate the body to the right to the left along with the feet that touch the air. Repeat this movement and do it regularly.

  1. Cross Crunch Cross crunches are not only an exercise to shrink the stomach, but also make the back and thigh muscles tight. Position your body on your back on the mat, your arms and legs diagonally out or your body in an X shape. Then, keeping your arms and legs straight, bring your right leg to your left hand and vice versa. Repeat this movement several sets.

Having a distended stomach does make self-confidence decrease. So you have to change bad habits and do some of the simple gymnastic movements above. But make sure to warm up as well as cool down, even if this exercise is a simple movement.

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