About NLPCraft

NLPCraft is an open source library for adding natural language Interface to any applications. Based on semantic modelling it requires no ML/DL model training or existing text corpora.

NLPCraft is simple to use: define a semantic model and intents to interpret user input. Securely deploy this model and use REST API to explore the data using natural language from your applications.


Natural Language Interface (NLI) enables users to explore any type of data sources using natural language augmenting existing UI/UX with fidelity and simplicity of conversational AI.

There is no learning curve, no special rules or applications to master, no syntax or terms to remember - just a natural language that your users already speak and the tools they already use.

Key Features
Semantic Modeling

Advanced semantic modelling and intent-based matching enables deterministic natural language understanding without requiring ML/DL training or text corpora.

Any Data Source

Any data source, device, or service - public or private. From databases and SaaS systems, to smart home devices, voice assistants and chatbots.


REST API and Java-based implementation natively support world's largest ecosystem of development tools, programming languages and services.

Strong Security

HTTPs, model deployment isolation, 256-bit encryption and ingress-only connectivity are among the key security features in NLPCraft.


Model-as-a-code convention natively supports any system development life cycle tools and frameworks in Java eco-system.

Out-Of-The-Box Integration

NLPCraft natively integrates with 3rd party libraries for base NLP processing and named entity recognition:

How It Works

There are three main software components:

Data model specifies how to interpret user input, how to query a data source, and how to format the result back. Developers use model-as-a-code approach to build models using any JVM language like Java or Scala.

Data probe is a DMZ-deployed application designed to securely deploy and manage data models. Each probe can manage multiple models and you can have many probes.

REST server provides REST endpoint for user applications to securely query data sources using NLI via data models deployed in data probes.

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